Résumé Writing Services

I recently earned the title of Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.

With this designation, I am happy to offer résumé and cover letter writing services to my clients. Please fill out the contact form on my Services page, or email me for more information.

As always, I look forward to partnering with you.

Julie Blue, CPRW

Future Gazing

In my quiet house

On this quiet Sunday

Early fall

I gaze at the face

Of the sunflowers on my table;

You planted them

Along the side of the yard

They grew 8 feet tall

The bees love them

And love,

So do I.

It’s a Norah Jones morning

A new apple cider candle is lit

And just as I was doing

A few hours ago

From your warm bed

My thoughts are lost in

How I want to come home to you

Every day

Not just some days.

The side work-table you made

Would fit perfectly

In my kitchen

We’ll put the KitchenAid

In the corner by the stove;

We’ll need a new refrigerator

Big enough to store finished cakes

A convection oven

And bookshelves

Lots of bookshelves

So our dog-eared pages

And library-sale first editions

Can mingle