Wine & Buckets

Thinking too much

These days

Leads to blue ink

Scribbled hastily on a white steno pad,

The words left behind

Reflected back



By unwanted, frustrated tears

That I can’t seem

To turn


They seem to cease

Or are eased

By glasses of wine,

Only to return


Just like our leaky roof.

I put a tarp down

Until we could fix it

(So we could ignore it)

But then it shifted.

The rain got worse

And the leak did, too.

This time we needed two buckets.

But on the nice days,

The dry days,

We can’t be bothered to fix it

So busy in our own worlds.

Instead a spray-can

Of sticky black sealant

Stops it

For a little while.

Not long now before

Another heavy rain.

Better stock up on wine.

And buckets.

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