Reluctant Soccer Mom Diaries #1: Cold Night in July

Her socks were in the wash.

At soccer tonight, Piper got to play goalie and actually blocked a shot. And I missed it. I had just turned my back on the game as I walked to the car to get my sweatshirt, when I heard, “Go Piper!”  “Good job, Piper!” from behind me. I was there, but I fucking missed it. Next time I’ll just be cold.

2 thoughts on “Reluctant Soccer Mom Diaries #1: Cold Night in July”

  1. I once dropped my son off for an early Saturday morning little league game and drove off to get a coffee. When I got back the other dads told me what a great hit he had had! It was one of his first, if not his very first, line drive over the infielders heads, and I missed it, lol. Oh, we’ll. sometimes I still get the feeling he does better when I’m not there watching. Whudda Whudda Whudda Whudda whudda

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