Breaking it Down

We let the dishes pile up next to the sink

Leave the dirty plates on the table.

The house needs to be power-washed

And the lawn needs to be mowed.

My car needs new tires.

The septic tank needs to be pumped.

We are in a state of flux

Just now

Everything on hold.

Just yesterday, the four of us

Appeared quite the typical family;

We went to the children’s museum

Then out for burgers and fries.

But this family outing

Had a definite purpose

It was a distraction, by special request.

It’s not every day

Your parents sit you down

And break your six-almost-seven-year-old heart

In half.

Little brother doesn’t understand.

He wants to watch “Turtles”

And we oblige.

I’m sorry we didn’t fight more

Give you more warning.

But yes,

Daddy will always be your daddy

Mommy will always be your mommy,

And yes,

We promise

We will marry nice people.

No step-monsters will ever

Take our place.

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