SNOWDATE: 216-16

The speed of these life forms prohibits image capture. Their purpose, to this observer, appears to be covering every surface of their dwelling with objects for their amusement and/or ingestion. One of them also chooses to eliminate waste inside of his garments rather than make use of provided waste receptacles in multiple locations inside the dwelling. This one also seems to prefer doing so while staring, glassy-eyed, at other life forms interact inside of a large black entertainment device referred to as “Momee-can-u-turnon.”

Curiously, the hairy secondary life form seems to enjoy licking hard surfaces, as shown in below image capture.

Image capture PJB-21616
Image capture PJB-21616

On the exterior of the dwelling, this planet is covered almost entirely in a soft, wet matter this observer finds most intolerable. It causes discomfort and stings one’s exterior. It falls from the sky at a rapid rate. Incredibly, one of the life forms (see above image capture) delighted in this soft matter, and was only coaxed back into the dwelling by a warm brown beverage.

Further investigation is needed to determine if a return to this planet will be made. Observer somehow damaged right upper appendage upon arrival and sustained further injury pulling dwelling waste receptacle to and from the pick-up point through said soft, wet matter.


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