Dear Eric

I don’t know
If there’s anything
To say
Or do.
But I know
I’m not OK with this.
Can we just
Take it back
To bliss?
I already miss
Your adorable weird snore
And I can’t stop crying
And I know they would have loved you
And I still think you’re amazing
For what it’s worth.
I know you got scared
And I get it.
But what you might not get is
That’s all a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Dear Eric”

  1. I tend to suffer from the heat.
    The sun
    it hurts my eyes but I can’t look away
    the blindness may be worth it see
    to learn the true complexity
    of you
    I am. I am.
    A man in love with you.
    forever losing a battle
    to the sound of his own heartbeat
    Losing my breath
    sometimes it is too much.
    Never alone in the dark
    I feel you
    So blinded by your radiation
    worthy of the risk
    just basking in your glow will be enough
    to make me see
    Just look and see
    See only me


    1. Cesar, love
      It’s only you I see.
      Your love’s been feeding my heart
      And now your words are feeding my soul.
      You don’t want to be
      Just another poem
      But I hope you don’t mind
      If I tuck you in
      Between my lines
      From now until I’m
      You don’t need to transcend the others
      There are.
      You should know, love
      That hurt inspires more words in me
      Than love
      And all this love
      Is new, and I need to learn it.
      I’m experienced in hurt
      I speak it fluently
      Out of necessity.
      The love I see
      In your eyes
      Is beyond words
      It’s all heart
      And want
      And truth.


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