There’s so much I want to say

I’m just not sure how to say it.


Will it even matter

If I do?

I’m just some privileged white woman

I should probably just stay in my



Except I’m compelled to speak.

To say…something

Any fucking thing.

Just not nothing.

I fucking hate the crazy, rampant

Racism that is everywhere.

Terence Crutcher.

So many lives.

Greg’s asshole racist friend called me a “SJW”

And I had to look it up.

“Social Justice Warrior:

One who claims to support social justice online,

But doesn’t actually do anything about it.”

He also asked me to name some of the people murdered by police.

I couldn’t do it.


I should be able to.

They all have names.

They all had lives.



Their names should be known.

This can be me, taking a knee.











Black Lives Matter.  Pass it on.


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