So Little Time

Today I gave in easily

When one of the kids complained their tummy felt “weird,”

And stayed home with both of them.

Outside the wind blew the fresh snow over everything.

Inside I made coffee, and had some couch time with Kid 1

While waiting for Kid 2 to rise.

The rest of the day was a blur of tying up forgotten loose ends

And checking my phone for missed calls

(Also breakfast, lunch, snacks and potty reminders):

Dusting was done

Ceiling fan light bulbs changed (and dead ladybugs disposed of)

A dresser cleared of too small size 4s

Fingernails and toenails cut, despite protest

The junk drawer was de-junked

And I used up two Inside Out bandages

Stopping the gash on the back of my ankle (from the new razor)

From bleeding all over the floor.

“Sadness” got the job done.

In the middle of it all

I found myself torn;

Waffling between getting more loose ends done

Or snuggling with Kid 2 on the couch;

Between putting the random tools on the counter back in the toolbox

Or being hugged sweetly by the jackeroo while he’s still 4.

Fresh coffee made,

I planted by butt on the couch.

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