Texting myself, 1:08am, forgive the typos

Typically when I have crazy dreams, I grab a notebook and pen as soon as I wake, when it’s fresh. I didn’t have either of those handy early this morning (or late last night), so I grabbed my phone instead. I tried putting it into a more poetic form, but I like it better this way:

Crazy dresm. Huge storm or water flood. I’m working in a factory at the time. When the alarm sounds I’m inb this huge open warehouse and the water is everywhetr all at once, inside and outside. Inside alarms sound and the sprinklers go off. Outside, through the glass walls, I see water crashing in waves. I’m holding my hair brush and all I can think is, I have to keep holding onto it. After the water, i wake to a crazy flooded world.  I find people I’m related to but I dont recognize them. Yet i know them. Then, huddled together, we see the coffins start to slide along the flooded hillside, like the inner tubes down the lazy river at great wolf,  but they are faster and there are so many. I’m scared. We’re all so very scared.

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