Little Triggers

You’re doing fine

Cleaning away birthday party debris

And then you decide to sort the Tupperware drawer

Looking for a container for the last piece of cake.

You’ve made a neat stack of container-less lids

And lidless containers

When you find the lid for the medium size silver pot

That he decided to take

Leaving an incomplete set.

Just like Justin said,

You’re taken back in time,

To a shitty basement apartment,

To the medium sized gray suitcase

That he decided to take,

Leaving an incomplete set.

You throw the lid away

With the paper cake plates

The boxes from new toy cars.

You start to wonder exactly how elaborately he planned what to take;

Did he plan it out precisely

Or shovel things into boxes and bags at random?

Did he just want to be thought of,

No matter the context?

(Oh, and, I did find my pretty blue notebook,

Buried in a box in the attic.)

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