Monday, October 22nd

Today is a Monday, October 22nd. Over a decade ago, I woke up with this date in my head. Specifically, Monday, October 22nd. No year, just Monday, October 22nd. When I realized, in the shower this morning, right before shampooing, what day it was, I immediately freaked out and could only mutter “fuck, fuck, fuck!” This date that came to me without a year attached wasn’t presented as bad or good…but on this day I’m always on edge. Do I stay home? Keep the kids home? Or would that change what might happen this Monday, October 22nd? Like those ripple effects in Back to the Future where they do something seemingly small that changes the face of history? And who dreams of crazy specific dates with no years to go with them? I wish I could watch over everyone I know today. If we communicate on the regular, or even if we don’t, stay safe today and check in with me if you want to and can, even if it’s just a couple words. I hate this day. I think.

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