Someday, Your Bride

I thought I knew all about

What I wanted (and didn’t want)

Until you.

Now Pinterest is my playground

Of unconventional wedding dresses

And I want the days

I wake up next to you

To be all of them.

I spill embarrassing anecdotes

With you


You ask me hard questions

And I answer you


But putting

Your heavenly cooking

Your sweet words

Your intoxicating flavor

Your lips and hands and teeth


You happily share

My double bed

With my dog and I

Throwing any guilt I felt

Over stowing her in her crate


And remarkably

After 35 days,

The orchid you gifted me

For Valentine’s Day

Has survived.

I water it faithfully

About every seven days;

Flowers and new buds

Reach up for the light

On strong, circular stems;



En pointe.

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