White Flag

I don’t know why we hold on to these crazy thoughts

Instead of letting them go;

They build up inside us like steam

Until they have nowhere to go

And we explode.

Let’s blow these resentments away

Like a dandelion puff

On a summer breeze.

I want to swim in your deep

Discover all the darkness you guard

Expose it to the light

Know you like no one before me.

1 thought on “White Flag”

  1. Sounds like therapy to me, but why not, what have you got to lose? The Pure Kona at the Greenhouse Coffee Connection on East Main suggests itself as a good listener, a good venue for old dark seeking new light and not ashamed to run up the white flag of surrender, leaving the festering sores of resentment to fend for themselves in the face of the Dandy Lion blower.


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