Open by Easter

The President’s pushing snake oil

He’s got the cure for what ails us

(I wonder if the first dose will be free)

He preaches social distancing

From center stage of a crowded podium

Where he tries to place blame

Light a fire under his hateful base

Where he questions the needs of his countrymen

As they do their best to keep breathing

And wonder if this agoraphobia

Will only be a temporary condition.

As my hair grows long

And my insulin supply dwindles

And my house grows smaller

And I question where my children and lover

Have been

And who may have breathed on them

And what they may have touched

When they’re not with me

Paranoia is my constant companion.

Tonight, I played Easter Bunny:

Filled two giant baskets to overflowing

With chocolate and jellybeans and pastel plastic eggs,

Then hid them

To be hunted tomorrow.

At least

Easter morning

Will be normal.

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