From a Warm Bath

I am not okay
Not even a little
Nothing quite makes sense
My tears mingle with
My bath water
My candle glows
On the corner of the tub
Velvet Petals in so many shades of pink
The world is sick
And it’s gone mad
And I don’t understand
Any of this
How do so many claim
To believe in god
This invisible, powerful unknown
Yet can’t respect
This invisible, powerful virus
With such horrible, visible results?
I am four times more likely
Than most of you
To die if this monster wants me
And I feel like
Most days
I’m just waiting for it
To come knocking.
I want to wake up
From this dream now.
I want to get out of my bed
In my childhood house
1305 Penfield Road
And run down the hall
Sliding on slippery floors in my socks
Crawl into bed next to my mother
Feel some sense of safety.

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