Liquid Gold

I’m participating in the NYC Midnight 100-word Microfiction Challenge. I placed in the top 20 in my group for Round 1, so I get to move on to Round 2. Click here for the full list of results. The challenge is to write a piece of microfiction, 100 words or less, in 24 hours, given a specific genre, action, and word assignment. My group for Round 1 was Action Adventure (genre) / Teaching a class (action) / gold (word assignment). The story I created for Round 1 was called Liquid Gold, and I’m including the full story below. I’m looking forward to the Round 2 challenge, to be announced tomorrow.

Liquid Gold

by Julie Blue

Angelina Esperanza was running. Shouting and heavy footfalls followed her through the crowd. Cops.

At the pharmacy seconds before, her thoughts bounced from the note in her pocket to the final words of the diabetes educator the day before. “They call it liquid gold.” She looked around at the other parents in the crowded classroom, wondering if they shared her fear.

Leaving a long coat and wig in her wake, Angelina disappeared inside an unlocked door.

In her coat, the police found a water gun and a crumpled note:

“I need insulin, and I have a gun. I’m sorry.”

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