Coping Mechanisms

I spent the day
Clearing cobwebs
Moving junk
And finally
After three years
Of water trickling across the basement floor
To the hole in the far corner
Every time we used the washing machine
I fixed that fucking pipe.
A plumber once told me it would cost
Over $1400
To install a pump
As those heavy old sinks
Weren’t fixable.
I got the job done with
Some sticky pipe repair tape;
It cost me $10.

While I worked
On creating myself
An art space
The man on the radio said
One way we can handle stress of the unkown
Is by cleaning our spaces.
It’s something we can control.

I snuck away at noon
For a meeting with friends.
We talked about letting go
About learning to have faith.

I hope my repair job keeps the floor dry
And I learn what I’m being pushed
To create.

Maybe I’m just here
To rebuild this big old house
One room at a time.

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