Last night, I drifted off to sleep holding a card of scrapbook embellishments, thinking about what to make with them. I’ve been looking at them for months, waiting for inspiration to strike. The one pictured somehow made its way out of the pack; I found it this morning between the sheets.

“Live,” says the universe, through this sticky little charm.

What does life look like right now?

Like a moth I flutter from project to project, to whichever one shines brightest at the moment. I am job hunting, I am taking an online course, I am making jewelry out of old buttons, I am selling antiques, I am trying to sell photographs. I am trying to get through COVID-19 with a roof still over my head, and my health (emotional and physical) still intact. I am trying to make sure my children (human and canine) are all safe and cared for. The canine child may need an expensive surgery soon. Winter is coming and I know it will be a tough one.

Here are some of my other online pages, if you’d like to check them out. I hope you are all staying safe, yet still connected, in this difficult time.

My Fine Art America photography page:


My Etsy Shop:


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