Things My Kids Say or Ask Me (in November 2020)


Which one of your ex-boyfriends

Did you like the best?

Jack asks as we lounge around on my bed.

As I switch out my summer clothes

For the winter ones

He says,

It smells like the old house in here

And now

I want to go back there

But we can’t

Because you sold it to someone else.

He says it like it was a favorite toy I threw away.

Piper wants to know

How old was I

When you and Daddy got divorced?

The answers are

The parts of each of them

That made me feel safe

Before the universe

Shifted underfoot;

I’m sorry – I want to go back there, too

I miss our small farmhouse

And the way the sun lit up the dining room

And the beautiful tree outside of it

That the new owners cut down;


It was January 26, 2016

And you were 7.

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