Returning to 28 Blackberry Lane

Ten years ago, maybe more, I started writing a novel, 28 Blackberry Lane. I got it out again the other day, and today started reading a page and was reduced to tears. I know I’ve always put parts of myself into each character, but I only today realized how much more I had hidden within the story itself. Psychological healing I longed for buried in the physical actions of characters who were so much stronger than I feared I would ever be. There was a time in my life I felt so much stronger than I have over the past decade. Maybe I was saving space for my future self, planting seeds deep in the dirt of these stories that would only later grow into trees and bear fruit.

I’ve always struggled to finish big projects. Maybe fear of failure keeps me stuck. I’ve been feeling stuck a lot lately.

I shared this story here years ago, and I’d like to share it with you again, in the hopes of giving myself that extra push to put the puzzle of this novel together, after so much time away from its many pieces.

Click here to read In Darkness and Blue Moonlight, part of my novel-in-progress, Stories from 28 Blackberry Lane.

Thank you for reading my work. Please stay safe and if you’re not chasing after your dreams, do one thing today to start.


4 thoughts on “Returning to 28 Blackberry Lane”

  1. Julie, You have remarkable talent for writing….I enjoyed this tidbit but want more….lol    Hopefully you will be inspired to finish your novel… Love you

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