As the Snow Falls

In the early hours

In the first walk of the dog

The snow sparkles in the moonlight

Like the water in bright sunlight

Like diamonds

Like promises

I’m trying my best to

Hold on tight to this new gift

The universe has bestowed

This precious new day

This bright fresh start

I’m chipping away at cold ice

Getting myself unstuck

Opening myself up

To let the light in.

This morning at the gas station

I tried to help a fellow traveler

Get her gas cover unstuck;

We chipped away at the ice around it

To no avail

Eventually, she opened it up herself

And thanked me for the help.

Fresh starts

Require endings.

I don’t regret the past

I don’t wish to shut the door on it

But sometimes

I wish I knew how to end these stories

In more satisfying ways


How to turn the page

Or when to say


I wish you well

I wish you love

Wherever you may find it

We don’t owe each other anything


You can’t have my skillet.

Drop it off on my front porch.

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