Sweet Old Habits

Oxytocin built this bond

Damn near 7 years ago;

It’s a cord I’ve tried to cut before

But somehow

It survives

The distance and time and silence

And I welcome it

When the reunion comes

As it always does

{Tie me up

But don’t tie me down/

Tie me up

I won’t tie you down}

Let’s forget the world

Outside these walls

Let’s reminisce

About trips beautifully carried out

Without reservation(s);

I remember that beautiful morning

On a beach in New Hampshire

Sun and wind

Toes in sand

Soaking in life

Ready for anything.

Having no plan

Is still the plan.

We come and go

Collide and flow

Feed each other

Laughter and stories

Taste and touch.

Come over again soon?

Just leave your politics

At the door

With your shoes.

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