Happy 10th Birthday to my son, Jack, today. I wrote this one for him many years ago.

A picture of a handwritten poem

In his laughter

You can hear

The round softness of his cheeks

You can see

His open mouth

His shoulders up near his ears

His face grows red

His bright blue eyes narrow

He laughs as his sister

Throws a tennis ball

For the dog at the repair shop

While the mechanic replaces my headlight bulb.

She keeps throwing it

Even after she’s grown bored

To keep his laughter going

Soon all of us are laughing

At his laughter

In his laughter

You taste hot chocolate

On a cold winter day

You see snow angels

In his laughter

You feel a cool breeze

Smell lilacs

Taste a cherry popsicle

In his laughter

I feel his soft blonde curls

His fat fingers

His heavy head

On my chest

In his laughter:

The sun

Soft grass

The blue sky

Rose petals

Wild raspberries

A fresh pile of leaves

The perfect kiss

Cloud shapes

Lightning bugs

A warm blanket

In his laughter

We rejoice.