Oh, Wordsworth

This world

It’s too much

Too, too much

Touch is dangerous

So are

Blades of grass

Deep breaths

Being too close.

The selfish carry on

As though this is the same world

They stepped out into

In 2019;

They deny the need

To isolate

They laugh at the panic

Not realizing

They may carry death

Inside strong lungs

That can fight it.

Today I found out

A friend died.

I think it was COVID-19

But not because she had it.

Probably because in a world

That was already so hard to live in

This scourge made it

Damn near impossible

To escape her own head.

Oh my dear

You were wise

And so full of heart

I am happy if you are finally at peace

But I will miss your words

Your quiet strength

The beautiful way you shared yourself

With all of us.

You told me once

“Keep going.”

And I’ll try.

I promise, I’ll try.