Yellow Light Days

There’s always a quick decision

To be made

And you’re always driving too fast.

Stop fast,

Stomp brakes,

Send heavy purse flying off passenger seat,

Onto the floor


Just keep going

And hope for the best.

You’re caught in that limbo

Between green and red

Between safe passage

And full stop –

Wasted time.

You only ever pause

(To think it over)

For a split second,

And usually you’re not even

Going anywhere you want to be.

You just want to



If the wind is in your hair

Music pouring out your windows

Hands gripping the wheel

You can focus on

All of that

And ignore the rest:

The unoccupied seats of your car.

The empty beds at home.

The number of wine bottles

In your recycle bin

Or the absent scent of your aftershave.

Flying under yellow lights

You escape the long thoughts

Of a full stop.

You stay out of the red.

Warned that a stop is fast approaching

You pound the gas harder

Grip the wheel tighter

Envision the yellow turning red

Directly overhead.